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Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Natasha Jansz Design.

Good design is essential at each stage of creating a beautiful home. I can enter at any phase of the project, from planning and construction to decorating and styling. Together with my team, I consult on the big picture and the small details, applying knowledge of architecture and design history and a passion for color, pattern and proportion.

Listening to our clients, translating their wishes into a vision for a design, and guiding the transformation is the best part of our work. With every project, we look forward to collaborating, problem-solving and elevating spaces into an environment that is practical, stylish and memorable.

For those in need of some very specific design solutions, we offer Express Consultations.

Residential Design Process

Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Natasha Jansz Design.


In an initial consultation with a client, I look at the existing architecture of the space, find out how they want their home to work for their lives, and learn about their personal style. My team starts every project by assembling a file of concept pictures and materials that we use to establish with our clients a shared vision for the space.

We provide design drawings, specifications documents and purchasing services as needed. And we shop, of course! Materials, furniture, textiles and accessories are sourced according to our clients’ style and budget. From high-end showrooms to big box retailers, or from antique stores to flea-markets, we love the hunt, and we believe that better design can be achieved within many budgets.

Styling the accessories and walking clients through an installation at the conclusion of a project is the “design magic” part. Even when they have seen all the big pieces in place, it’s more often than not this final layer that makes rooms inviting and personal. Clients always get a big kick out of it, and sometimes there are happy tears. It’s the best!



For clients on a modest design budget, we can help with specific choices (picking paint colors, selecting the right sofa, hanging art, etc) within a set number of hours. Express Consultations are ideal for clients who are looking for some guidance before committing to an expensive purchase or installation, or who want a quick but lasting fix in a specific area.

Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Natasha Jansz Design.


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